From the harshness of Vietnamese street life to the Dolce Vita

This is the kind of story we never get tired of!
Lucky was spotted by a family on holiday in Vietnam. The young puppy was covered in abscesses, malnourished and weak. With love and care from our vets, volunteers, and staff, Lucky made a full recovery and became a firm favourite at the shelter. But the family couldn’t forget about him, not only did they make a donation to help us care for Lucky but they decided to adopt him!
After a long journey from Da Nang to Italy, Lucky settled into his new family as if he had lived there all his life. We’re absolutely thrilled to see him all grown up and so happy!
Did you also adopt a PAWS pup or kitty? We love to see our rescues living a new safe and happy life, don’t hesitate to share photos and videos with us!