Luna’s Journey: From Stray to Recovery, Thanks to Your Support!

Heartwarming Tale: Do you remember Luna, the sweet soul we found wandering the streets of Hoi An, alone and in desperate need? Luna’s story touched the hearts of many, and thanks to the incredible support from our generous donors and the skillful care provided by our clinic’s fantastic team of vets, Luna has embarked on a remarkable journey of recovery. 🥰

Luna faced the challenges of mange, anemia, blood parasites, and severe malnourishment. Your donations played a crucial role in funding Luna’s medical care, helping her overcome these obstacles. Today, we’re thrilled to share that Luna has progressed enough to be discharged and placed under the loving care of a foster family.

This sweet pup, with your support, is now learning basic commands and adapting to the warmth of a loving home. While Luna still requires ongoing skin treatment and vaccinations, her resilience shines through, and she’ll soon be ready for adoption.

Luna’s recovery is a testament to the power of compassion and community. We couldn’t be happier witnessing this little lady’s transformation and the positive impact your contributions have made on her life. Stay tuned for updates on Luna’s journey as she continues to heal and, eventually, find her forever home. 💗🐾

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