We all need reminders now & then.  Tips and news I find interesting and useful are posted here.

My feelings about training is…. life shouldn’t be an ongoing obedience lesson.  Teaching just enough to be safe and have good manners and that is fine for us at our home.

We like positive reinforcement and also try to use leadership to get results of discipline, good manners and respect.


Good advice on the proper way to walk a dog.

The Walk

Do you ever notice your dog turning his/her head away.  Do you think it is to ignore you?  Find the reason behind this and many other behaviors. Provided by Jan


Protect your pets during thunder storms & loud noises from parties, fireworks, loud music, etc.


Most dogs react adversely to sudden loud noises by running.  It could also cause fear phobias. 

Dogs do not understand sudden loud noises.  Some have been known to jump fences and run hundreds of miles.

What to do:

1. Keep pets inside

2. If you have to take them outside go with them for brief intervals. 

3. If necessary, keeping your pet on a leash will enable you more control. This also gives the pet assurance that you are the one in control.

4. Always act in a calm & normal everyday manner. This helps reassure them that it is okay.

5. Don’t baby them… Have them tough it out on their own so they learn how to handle the situation.  Holding or petting at this time could reinforce the fear.

6. Play a radio, TV, or anything that will help drown out the outside noise.

for support read Best Friends.org (in Adobe Reader)


1. Exercise in the heat can cause dehydration and also deplete your dog of it’s essential minerals.    

    A) This depletion may cause cramping.  In this case, consider asking your vet if your pet needs a low dose of magnesium.  Not all magnesium tabs are alike so getting your vet’s opinion and right dosage is very important.

2. Although many pet products are manufactured overseas, there are places where pet safety is dangerously lax.  See USA Today article for a reminder.

    A) Certain pet treats and food have what appears to be an American label.  They are manufactured overseas and shipped over here to be labeled & sold.  Carefully read the fine print when selecting your pet’s food.


3. Beware of pet food sold in supermarkets.  Check the label… Are the manufacturers still breaking down ingredients into parts?  They may so they can be listed separately and therefore appear lower on the ingredients list. 

Our pets need more protein and most benefit greatly by more fiber in their diet. It is very important that cats get a sufficient amount of protein in their diet


4. More people are appreciating the great flavor and health benefits of coconut oil.  A good choice is Tropical Traditions It is made from certified organic coconuts and comes in glass bottles.