Pet/House Sitting

We are a professional pet sitting service located in north central Florida.

Our service provides the love and care your pets need while you are away... right in your home. We make your life easier, and it is so much better for your pet too. Consistent visits provided by professional pet sitters have proven to contribute to keeping pets happier and therefore healthier while their owners are away. Our service is making life easier for pet parents one by one. Let us help you be an amazing pet parent. 


 Is boarding your dog, cat or bird your preference? We can now cover that too.     


My personalized pet sitting service includes not only personal attention for your pet(s), but for your home too. We clean up after pets, water plants, bring in mail (don't cancel mail delivery you may not receive all your usual mail upon your return), newspapers (including courtesy papers & doorknob flyers), put out the trash for pick up, alter blinds and lights or what ever we can do to make your home appear as though you are at home.

To protect knowledge of your absence we arrive in an unmarked car and do not wear a uniform.


Besides being a good crime deterrent and security check for your home pet/house sitting can include other services like...


Puppy visits - Try my puppy service (great for older rescues too).  Helps your newly acquired pet adjust to it's new house and routine.  The extra attention will boost confidence, help with socialization and give positive guidance to develop good future habits. Free house and crate training during visits included. see full service spa for an extra touch


House training puppy? - Call to have PAPC give your crated puppy a mid day break.


Crate training? - Don't let long hours in a crate isolate your dog from learning or create bad behaviors.  Call us to come give your pet a break.


Reinforced obedience training - During our visits we like to reinforce the training your dog has been taught. Please include necessary information as you are filling out the service agreement.


Cat care - feed, fresh water, scoop litter and give attention.


Bird care - fresh seed & water, cut up fruit & veggies, freshen up the cage and give attention if social.


 Fish feeding - we monitor the tank for any change and continue with your feeding routine while you are away.


Overnight stay -  For the pets that are use to someone being there.

Dog walking - come home after a long day to a happy dog already fed and exercised.

Administration of prescribed medications - your pet's medications are not interrupted

Mid-day visits - To curb bad behaviors due to boredom

Exercise for the overweight pet - some pets need more help or time than you have with getting up and moving about.

House sitting - If you are away for an extended time we can start cars to protect batteries & alter your home's thermostat as needed. We do a thorough walk through. 

Insured key storage - Your house key is insured for the time it is held by PAPC.

Misc. errands - including planning for your late return by shopping for perishables and other needed items in. We also pick up needed pet essentials if your pet runs out while you are away. There is a separate errand fee in place for this service.  

Availability - Seven days a week, including holidays. 

All visits are scheduled between 7am and 9pm. 

Extended hours - If you need an earlier or later visit please add $5 

Our fee for pet sitting in Trenton and surrounding towns

$20 - $22 per 30 minute visit / $25 hour / $75 - $80 overnight

Price will vary depending on distance traveled and length of visit

no extra fees for multiple pets (up to five).  no charge for meeting us

The first step

A meeting in your home is required. It is important to us that we meet you and your pets before a commitment is made. To get started arrange the initial meeting by filling out the contact form on one of our pages on this site or our sister site pawsitivepetcare There is a small refundable fee for meeting us only if a reservation for service is made.

At our introduction - I get to meet your pets and learn about their likes and dislikes. I bring references so you can learn about me too. If you feel that PAPC will be a good fit for your pet sitting needs and choose to use my service there is a form for you to fill out with questions regarding your pet and home.

Reservations -

If a reservation is made for service there is a refundable fee of $10. Please have a copy of your house key ready at our meeting. This saves you the expense and inconvenience of meeting me a second time. (see key return/pick-up fee below)

Please always confirm your reservation before leaving

We love the opportunity to get to know and care for pets. PAPC looks forward to welcome your loving pets to our extended four legged family.

Let us welcome you to professional in home pet care.

We are: 





& efficient

For the pets that like to get away too 

We have a boarding facility for both dogs and cats on a portion of our 9.3 acre property. 

Our front paddock and pastures may accommodate your horse, lama, or donkey.