Socializing a Kitten Early so it Grows into a Well-Adjusted Cat

Knowing the Mama cat will allow you the interaction with your new kitty at the right age. Small early steps at socializing your kitten will stand you in good stead once she grows up into an adult cat. Even the slightest change can adversely affect some pets and the same is true of your kitten, as well. When you get your kitten home, you would need to play an active role from as early as when she is two-seven weeks old.


Don’t rush into it the moment the kitten arrives home; instead, lead her to a nice safe place you have made especially for her and introduce her to the litter box and bowls. Pet her a lot, and talk softly and calmly. Also, try  and play with her so she can form a bond from very early on. Next, your kitten needs to be socialized with children, if there are any at home. Teach your kids that the kitten is not a toy and needs to be treated with care.

Other people & Household buzz


Meanwhile, get as many people as you can to interact with and hold your kitten. Get her used to four or five people who can handle her in a gentle manner. However, don’t forcibly cuddle the kitten or ask someone to do so, as she can turn aggressive. Another aspect of socializing is to get your kitty acclimatized to the sounds/noises of a regular household. The whir of the fan, the hum of the washing machine, your computer, music, or the television, among other sounds, should be familiar to your kitten so she takes it in stride later on and gets used to your home and lifestyle.


Also, train your cat to come to you when you call out her name; you could do this with a reward system. Such training will come in handy when you need to call out to her at a future time. Without such early steps, your cat can turn nervous later on.


Yet another method at socialization is to take your kitten on a short trip in your car as early as possible. Such a step will ensure that your cat is used to car journeys later on, so you and your pet can drive in peace when you need to do so.


Other cats


If there are other cats in the house before getting your new kitten home, ensure that all of them are healthy and have up to date vaccinations. Then, introduce the new entrant to other cats slowly, one at a time. Make sure your kitten is placed behind a gate or a carrier. If there is any hint that one of the pets is reacting aggressively, keep the pets separated, as getting used to a intruder could take time.