Rufus is home!

After a long journey from Da Nang to Barcelona, Rufus can finally start her new life!
Here is a message from Shelley, who not only fostered Rufus for 6months but accompanied her to her family: “The last few days I been able to settle her into her furever home in Spain and she is loving life ❤️
Little Rufus has won the lottery with her happy ever after. She was found abandoned and starving in a road in DaNang with the most horrific neck injury due to a metal collar digging into her neck. When she came to me she was so shy and scared she just hid under my bed for a couple of weeks and was only coming out for chicken. I could not touch her or get near to her. However her amazing personality slowly began to shine through and I am so proud of how far she has come.

She is such a happy dog who loves to explore and cannot get enough of walks, play time and has the most entertaining zoomies. She has an endless amount of energy which I think has come from her years of being locked up with no freedom. In Vietnam its impossible to 100 per cent keep pets safe and sound so it is the best ending to get her out of the country that nearly killed her into a wonderful loving family who are going to take the best care of her and with a garden with real grass to run around on. 🎉❤️
Having to say goodbye to her was not easy and I will miss her smiling face but she is where she is meant to be ❤️ I will be forever grateful to the family who saw her picture on Instagram and decided that she was the one for them. They waited patiently for months until she was ready to fly and took her in as one of their own.
Always always always ADOPT and give a second chance to an animal that truly deserves it.”
Thank you to everyone who supported Rufus during her recovery and helped raise funds for her flight, thank you to her new family for wanting to adopt her and for waiting so patiently for her all these months and, of course, thank you to the ✨incredible✨ Shelley!