Pet Lodge

We are committed to provide a safe, clean & comfortable place for your pets, And we hope they find it to be fun too.

We are stocked up with balls, Frisbee and flying things for the dogs (or cats) that like to retrieve. We have chews for when they like to be quietly on their own. We separate the active dogs from the quieter ones. And always play with them one on one. They have full use of our fenced in yard for play and potty breaks

Food and treats are required, I like to keep pets on their same diet. I also like to keep their collars and leashes with them.

At this time we provide two size kennels for dogs 4X8 & 4X4

We have a 7 ft high enclosed cat castle that separate a cat or family of cats far from the dogs. It is spacious enough to allow freedom for when they want to be active. and they can hide away when they need a nap.

Our three stall paddock and front pastures can accommodate a calm young horse or a couple of older horses or donkeys

all fees listed are per day:


 fees per day:


$15 small cats

$18 large cats

$20 long hair breeds

 fees per day:

Large animals

Horses Lamas and donkeys


$18 small breed 10-20 lbs.

$22 Medium 21 – 40 lbs

$25 large breed 42 – 55 lbs

$30 extra large 56 – 75 lbs

$35 Giant breeds


$10 for one

$15 for two-four


second dog from same family stays for half price.

 all prices are subject to change