Alternatives to Cat and Dog Boarding

If you are planning a vacation and don’t have the heart to send your pet to a pet boarding place, there are alternatives. While some pets easily adjust to new surroundings and adapt themselves to new routines and schedules, some owners do not mind sending their pets to boarding facilities while others just can’t.

Hire a Pet Sitter


The best alternative to animal boarding is to hire a pet sitter. This is a good idea because someone is watching your pet, taking care of them without having to change the environment your dog or cat is familiar with. When you hire a Paws-itively Affordable Pet Care, you can ensure that your pet’s routine is not hampered. The regular diet and exercise of your pet can be continued.


When you are planning to go on a vacation and need to do a hundred things before you leave, dropping off the pet somewhere could be difficult. When you hire a pet sitter, that problem is resolved. The sitter comes to your home, not the other way around. You won’t have to face the anxiety of having to pick up your cat or dog at the earliest possible moment once you are back. Also, the convenience is there for your home care needs. No problems about trash pick up, mail or paper deliveries, lights burning out, etc.


Advantages of hiring a pet sitter


Because a pet sitter is committed and professionally trained to handle any kind of situation, you don’t have to spend anxious moments imagining what happens if your pet were to get in a difficult situation or fall ill. The pet sitter is trained to deal with such scenarios. 


Another advantage of hiring a pet sitter is that you don’t have to request friends, neighbors, family to take care of your beloved dog. If you had to send your pet to a friend’s place, you would have to feel constantly obliged. Also the friend may not be equipped to take care of your dog well, and worse, you can not express your displeasure. With a professional pet sitter, you are dealing with experts. Because professional pet sitters come to your home to take care of your family pets, the house feels lived-in, and you can be secure in the knowledge that someone is coming in, walking around, switching on the lights, and maybe even watering the plants!


Also, because it is a professional arrangement, you and your pet sitter can keep the lines of communication open – you can be informed how your pet is doing by daily updates. With a friend or family member, there is always the fear that you are disturbing them or offending them. As it is, you are under their obligation in more ways than one. With a professional pet sitter, you can personalize your pet’s care for consistency, specify when you are calling and get feedback.