A Short List To Finding Your Type of Cat

There are so many breeds and types of cats how would you know what to look for in the type of cat you want in your home. I have cared for many cats through the years and found there are different personalities within the same breed. What to look for and what type would be a good fit for your lifestyle. Your local animal shelter has a good variety available to choose from. This is a good place to start your search and they are ready to answer your questions.


Thinking about adopting one or maybe two? Just think how your care and kindness will help them build confidence & trust in you. Love happens in the process for both the cat and their new owner.

Six breeds of cats that are on our short list


Maine Coon: May not be the best choice if you live in a small house or apartment. This breed is large in size so will need everything super-sized. It generally is good natured & gets along well with everyone, even the dog.


Ragdoll: They are very quiet and affectionate. Ragdolls are good natured and very tolerant. Their tolerance makes them a good companion for a child. They can adapt well to walking outdoors on a leash. They were appropriately named by becoming limp when picked and held.


Bengal: They originated from breeding between Domestic cats and Asian leopard cats. This is an extremely active breed. You can always find them tearing around, collecting stuff, or trying to open things.


Persian: This breed of cat is gorgeous when kept well-groomed. They are very sedate, but can be very expressive. If you like Persians but can’t keep up with the daily needs of primping and brushing check out the Exotic breed. They have a fabulous personality and the same great look without all the fluff.


The Domestic: the Domestic cat breed has a super-vast variety of looks and personalities. Longhaired or short-haired, all shapes and sizes. With a good mix of interesting and beautiful markings & color. Thanks to their ancestors all come with a rich history that goes back over one thousand years. One or two will surely please the fussiest cat lover.