Celebrating 20 years as your pets friend.                       

A huge thank you goes out to all customers, past and current. Thank you for keeping us in business for 20 fabulous years.

We are so happy to be able to serve your pet sitting needs. There is a wealth of knowledge and experience you helped us acquire through the years and I thank you for that and for putting your trust in us. 

I would like to also mention the growing love we have for your pets. Their well-being is always our first priority.  

We are still growing

We are so happy with what we are doing. I see us continuing with Paws-itively Affordable Pet Care well into the future. We would love to continue this journey along with you!

This year we are offering a discount for new DeLand customers. $2 off each visit for giving us a try.

In turn, we would like to offer our current DeLand customers a discount of $2 off each visit during the week of May 19th, our official anniversary.  

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