10 Advantages of Hiring a Professional Pet Sitter


1. Most pets are happier staying within their familiar environment with all the comforts they have come to know and love.

2. Your pet is not confined to a small area, exposed to parasites or illnesses of another animal, or stressed by their presence and noise.

3. Diet, exercise & overall usual routine can be followed.

4. You can regain independence by not imposing on neighbors, friends or relatives or put up with their sporadic visits when they have better things to do.

5. You won't be inconvenienced by transporting & there won't be a need to rush home at a certain hour for a pick up time. Your pet won't be over anxious traveling to a facility and being left there subjected to following different rules and routines. Keeping pets at home and hiring a professional to prioritize evenly spaced visits is entirely convenient for pet parents and safer for the pets. You know where your pet is, and what your pet is doing, since Paws-itively Affordable Pet Care follows their routine.

6. Your home is protected by the impression of occupancy.

While we care for your pets. we alter the lights, TV/radio and blinds, put trash bins out/in, bring in mail, door flyers and papers. Plants can be watered, if needed.

7. Help will be there should air conditioning, plumbing or a security light fail to work.

8. You can get help with problem behaviors you may be experiencing and have mid day exercise for your pet. Our visit can be very social and rewarding to your pet/s.

9. Most important your pet receives love & personal attention from a true friend.

10. You will have the peace of mind that they are under the care of an insured professional with over 20 years experience that is fully committed, and not someone who rushes in to quickly feed them at odd times that are convenient only to them.

I truly believe in all of the 10 advantages of hiring a pet sitter. I also know that there are pets that are accustomed to being either crated or in a kennel atmosphere. My new plan is to open a small boarding facility here in Trenton, FL and welcome those pets who are. We plan to continue to personalize and cater to their individual needs.

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