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Welcome to our Website..... where we show you what it means to us to be your-pets-friend ..... 


Here new customers can learn how hiring a professional pet-sitter can make life easier for you and better for your pet.


We provide service in Levy, Gilchrist, and parts of Alachua and Dixie counties.

Richard and I are dedicated pet sitters that truly care for pet parents and the well being of their pets. We like to step in to be your pet's friend by being there for them when you can not. 

We know first hand what it is like when you need to get away for a much needed vacation, or to visit an ailing friend or family member, or have an unsettling emergency and need to quickly leave your comfortable home. We know first hand what it feels like when you have to travel alone or have to leave someone behind to care for pets. This can lead to feelings of resentment. It makes our heart beat sad when we hear that someone's friend or family member has resentful feelings for the pets.


Please enter..... relax..... read about us..... stay as long as you like. We are so glad you are here. 

22 years and growing

We are celebrating our 22nd year by continuing to give new customers a discount. This is a great time to get acquainted with our service.


 We have the understanding that your pet is a loving part of your family. When you need the freedom to get away we are dedicated to provide your pet with personalized care safely within it's secure environment. Because no one knows your pet as well as you we like to be guided by your prudent instruction.


Whether you need to leave your pets just occasionally or on a regular basis, we are happy to step in to keep their routine going. We are available for a day, a week, or four weeks or more, let us help you and your pet(s) happily get through the time you have to be away safely. 


Also call on us when life gets insanely busy and unpredictable schedules become hectic. At times it could be grand to come home to your pet already fed and exercised. And call on us when you want all your pet's needs to be conveniently covered when you need to get away for a business trip or an extra weekend get away.


Consistent visits provided by professional pet sitters have proven to contribute to keeping pets happier and therefore healthier while their owners are away. We are available to schedule from one to four visits per day. 


Our service is making life easier for pet owners one by one. Let us help you be an amazing pet parent during the time you have to be away from home.

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We are located in north Central Florida. We recently moved from DeLand to 9.3 acres in Trenton, FL. We moved to be close to our daughter and her new family. Also we have a small boarding facility ready for the pets that are use to being boarded away from home. 


Our goal is to remain on a consistent routine with the care of your family pets as close as can be done.


Our vision is to keep you satisfied with the care your pet and home receive, while earning and maintaining your trust. We hope and desire to keep you as our long term customer.

We aim to be ready and able to step in as your pet's friend to keep them safe, happy and well cared for as they wait for your return. They truly are our cherished friends!


Our Mission Statement
"To help make life easier for each pet parent and better for their pet".


Our Motto
"consistency is the key to being a good pet parent"



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